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Popular name: Cica, sago, sago palm

Family: Cicadaceae

Division: Gymnosperms

Origin: Japan and Indonesia

Life cycle: Perennial


Star of contemporary and tropical gardens, the cica  it looks like a palm tree. Its leaves are long, rigid and shiny, composed of pointed leaflets. The plant has a very slow growth, which makes it highly valued in the market. It works well as a stand-alone plant and in groups in the garden or in pots.

It should be grown in full sun or partial shade, in garden soil enriched with organic compost and sand, forming a light and permeable mixture.

Cycas revoluta

SKU: 1169
PriceFrom €887.50
  • Vase 70 L | Trunk 100 cm | Total height of the plant 190 cm

    Vase 60 L | Trunk   90 cm | Total height of the plant 160 cm

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