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Scientific name: cyclamen persicum

Popular Names: Cyclamen, Persian Cyclamen, Aleppo Cyclamen, Cyclamen

Family: Primulaceae

Climate: Mediterranean, Oceanic, Subtropical, Temperate, Tropical

Origin: Europe, Mediterranean

Height: 10 to 30 cm

Luminosity: Diffuse Light, Half Shade

Life cycle: Perennial


Cyclamen is one of the most commercialized potted plants. Its foliage is very ornamental, dark green with lighter spots. The flowers are its differential, with inverted petals, they can be presented in different colors, which can go from white to red, pink, salmon and combinations between them. It features large and small varieties and flowers with curly edges. Its delicate beauty gives sophistication and romanticism to indoor environments.

They are grown in pots with substrates, rich in organic matter, well drained, always in protected places,  irrigated regularly. They appreciate the chill of winter. The aerial part of the plant usually dies after flowering. The bulb, however, remains alive in the substrate, and renews in the spring.

Cyclamen persicum

SKU: P0618
  • vase 14 cm  |  Height 30cm


    Assorted Colors

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