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Cyperus Papyrus 'Green Gold'


It is an herbaceous, waterfront plant that inspires and adds a timeless elegance around the edge of a pond. The clump forming vertical stems is topped with decorative umbrella-shaped heads bearing small reddish-brown flowers.


Follow these recommendations for success:


At home:


Grows well in full sun.


Basically water in a container of your choice with approximately 50% of the container immersed in water, if possible use rainwater.


Tolerates a wide range of temperatures, anywhere between 10-24°C and occasionally up to 4°C.


Constant humidity gives the plant all the moisture it needs.


Fertilize sparingly, only once a month, with a diluted liquid indoor plant fertilizer, according to the fertilizer's instructions.


Minimum Temp: 4c


Repot every year. This basically benefits from renewing the potting substrate, as constant moisture over time will break down the soil structure, so new compost will provide the fresh minerals and nutrients to help the plant grow.



In the garden:


Outdoors, plant your plant on the shallow shores of a pond, or in a constantly damp area, in full sun.


Cut the foliage in the fall and move to a frost-free location, preferably in full sun.


Put back in the garden once the threat of frost has passed.


Warnings: Not known to be toxic to pets or humans.

Cyperus Papyrus ‘Green Gold’

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