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Davalia tyermannii also known as Davallia bullata is undoubtedly one of the most superb and different plant species. It produces fuzzy rhizomes that grow visible from the outside of the pot, giving the plant its common names of White Rabbit's Paw or Bear's Paw. Its leaves are thin and delicate in a dark green color, associated with good luck in Feng Shui, and look lovely in hanging vases or macramé.


Light: Abundant indirect moderate light and tolerates some degree of shade.

Temperature: Prefers humid environments, adaptable in bathrooms or kitchens, ideal temperature 16-24ºC. Avoid cold droughts.

Watering: Keep the soil moist.

Fertilization: Assiduous fertilization is not necessary, but we recommend applying nutrients at least once during the spring.

Tips: During the winter it may lose some leaves due to dormancy, but it will rejuvenate in the next growing season (spring-summer).

Origin: Canary Islands.

Davallia tyermannii Decoro Vaso Suspenso

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