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Dendrobium Nobilé differs from other species of orchids by the cluster of flowers that forms in front of the axil of each leaf. The fragrant flowers are five to eight cm wide and up to 100 can grow on one plant. Usually when Dendrobium Nobilé arrives with all the flowers still in bud, after about 5 days the buds will appear and a veritable sea of flowers is created.



As light as possible, do not place it in direct sunlight in the summer months, but, for example, on a windowsill or simply on a table.



Dendrobium Nobilé is a tropical plant that grows in the mountains and therefore likes hot days and cool nights. A room temperature between 15 and 21 degrees is ideal for this plant. Preferably, do not place it on top of the heater.



Water regularly during flowering and let excess water drain. Water with the watering can close to the trunk or submerge the pot in warm water. Keep the potting soil moist so the trunk doesn't dry out. This provides a longer lifespan of the flowers.



To make new shoots and allow existing shoots to grow well, you must fertilize with special fertilizer for orchids. When the sprout is about 20 cm, you can stop fertilizing. With too much fertilizer, the plants will grow rather than flower during and after the dormant period.



When Dendrobium Nobilé finishes flowering, the plant has to make new shoots at the bottom, in order to flower again next year. The plant cannot re-bloom on the old (thick) spent scion. Read below for an explanation on how to stimulate new flowering.



Dendrobium Nobilé is an indoor plant and therefore not suitable for consumption. Keep the plant out of the reach of children to avoid unforeseen situations.



The formation and growth of shoots on a Dendrobium Nobilé is stimulated by placing the plant in warm and light conditions and feeding it with orchid fertilizer. When the new shoots are about 20 cm long and have roots of their own, you can remove the spent stalk and place the stick next to the new shoot. When the new shoot is about 20 cm long, the plant no longer needs fertilizer. When the bud grows (by then it will no longer produce new leaves), you should leave the plant in a warm place for another 2 months. Then place in a cool dry place for about 6 weeks. At night 13-14 degrees, and during the day 20-21 degrees. A suitable place is the bedroom. During this period, give less water and no fertilizer. After about 6 weeks, new bumps (buds) become visible under the leaf axils, forming the new flower clusters. If they are clearly visible, the plant can be placed back in the room, for example, so that the flowers continue to grow faster. Dendrobium Nobilé also needs more water, which makes the flowers more beautiful and bigger.





Lucky Bird Holiday is a large-flowered Dendrobium Nobile with a predominantly white color and a dark heart, with a surprising hint of a provocative purple edge. This combination makes this Nobile a colorful addition to any living room!



This beautiful colorful Dendrobium is a real eye-catcher in your living room. The warm purple color, combined with the yellow heart, ensures that you create a warm atmosphere with Akatsuki.



Apollon is the most versatile Dendrobium . The trunks are completely covered with buds. The flowers are snow-white with a soft yellow heart. This makes the plant radiate luxury and tranquility.



Sunny Bird Shine Day is a Dendrobium with large flowers and a beautiful fresh yellow color. The large soft yellow flowers are a subtle contrast to the darker colored heart. The ideal plant for those who love pastel tones!

Dendrobium Nobile Mix

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