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Scientific name: Dieffenbachia 'Exotica'

Family: Araceae

Gender: Dieffenbachia

Plant Type:  perennial

Origin: hybridThe

Common name: Cane seedling, plant seedling, with me-nobody-can.



Description: The diefenbachia are highly decorative plants that, depending on the variety, can exceed 1.50 m in height. Their thick, reed-like and unbranched stems produce soft, fleshy leaves on strong, sheathed petioles. It has narrow lanceolate leaves with pointed apexes, dark green with yellowish-green spots, 

Environment: Suitable for hot indoor use.

Flowering: Insignificant 

Temperature: 16-29 ° C. Diephenbachia love heat and cannot tolerate temperatures below 16°C.

Light: Provide veiled direct sun in spring, summer and autumn, in winter expose these plants to strong light, including direct sun.

watering: During the period of active growth, water moderately, preferably with lukewarm water, enough to wet the mixture, but allowing the top layer (2 to 2.5cm) to dry before watering again. During the resting period, water only as much as necessary to prevent the mixture from drying out completely.

Fertilizing: During the period of active growth, they should be fertilized fortnightly with an appropriate fertilizer


Advices: Spray the foliage regularly with lukewarm water, not calcareous to avoid leaf spots. Carefully remove dead leaves.


Wash your hands thoroughly after removing wilted leaves or cutting diefenbachia cuttings. The sap is poisonous and if it gets into the mouth it causes swelling, pain and temporary loss of voice.


Dieffenbachia Exótica

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