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Dracaena marginata


common name: Dracaena 

Scientific name: Dracaena marginata


Family: Ruscaceae

Gender: Dracaena

Plant Type:  Perennial

Origin: Madagascar


Description: Shrush, branched plant, with an exotic and sculptural aspect, which can reach up to 5 meters in height. Its leaves are long, linear, about 30 to 90 cm long and arranged in a rosette at the apex of the branches. In the original plant the leaves are dark green with narrow red margins. 

Environment: Suitable for use in hot interiors.


Temperature:  Normally hot indoor environment.

Light: These plants do well in strong light.

Watering: Water moderately, preferably with lukewarm water, enough to moisten the mixture, but allowing the top layer (2 to 3cm) to dry before watering again. Excessive watering will rot the stems leading to the premature death of the plant.

Fertilizing: During the period of active growth, they should be fertilized fortnightly with a appropriate fertilizer,


Advices: Spray the foliage regularly with lukewarm, non-calcareous water to prevent leaf spots. Carefully remove dead leaves.

The sheets must  be cleaned regularly from accumulated dust.


Dracaena marginata

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  • Dracaena marginata 90x45x15cm

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