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Pond plants can be divided into 4 essential groups, namely: oxygen plants, water lilies, aquatic plants and marsh plants.

By placing the right amount of plants in the pond, it is easy to achieve biological balance and clean pond water.


Aquatic plants provide clean, clear water in the right amount and composition.The resulting biological balance is essential for marine life. Aquatic plants represent vigorous growth and are all hardy.


Horsetail (Equisetum Japonicum) is an essential plant in your pond.

This coastal plant filters lake water and is characterized by its hollow green stems with black stripes.

This plant absorbs waste materials, which will reduce nitrate and nitrite concentrations in the water. This way you keep the pond perfectly healthy.

Horsetail is hardy, the stems are evergreen and it prefers a place in the sun or partial shade.



Equisetum Japonicum

Horsetail is hardy and can reach a height of about 120 cm. To be planted at a depth of up to -40 cm.

Equisetum Japonicum

SKU: P1105
  • V17 cm  |  Total height 90 cm

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