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Euphorbia lactea cristata

 Euphorbia lactea Cristata is a mutation of Euphorbia lactea, this is a plant with a lot of personality characterized by having a thick and stiff stem and with a graft at the top with an irregular wave in the shape of a fan that can have various shades. 

Like most cacti and succulents, this Euphorbia lactea Cristata is quite easy to care for.

It requires little water during the vegetative rest phase that passes in winter and accepts more regular watering, but without excesses, in the summer months.

The best place to place this elegant plant will be near a window, here it will always have enough light available, however it should avoid the midday sun during the hottest months. It is available in several colors to match any corner of the house!



Exhibition: Abundant direct or indirect light.

Watering: Allow the substrate to dry between waterings, when the temperatures start to drop the intensity and frequency of watering should be reduced.

Temperature: Resistant to high temperatures, but the ideal temperature is 15-27ºC.

Fertilization: Apply a light dose of'Siro Adubo Catos Controlled Release' during the summer.

Substrate:'Siro Cato'.

Toxicity: Plant contains a toxic and irritating white sap. In case of contact with eyes and/or mouth, rinse thoroughly. Keep away from children and animals.

Origin: India

Euphorbia lactea cristata

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