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Eustis Limequat or 'Limonella' is something like a fusion plant, the result of cross-growing a Mexican lemon or lime with a Marumi Kumquat. The original plant was grown by W.T Swingle in Florida in 1909, and although many years have passed, the plant remains a Citrina favourite.



Eustis is the most common of the "Limequats" and are surprisingly hardy plants, making them the perfect choice for a housewarming gift - Citrine for beginners or perhaps even children... The fruits have a sweet tasting skin with a bitter sweet flesh - and can be eaten and enjoyed whole. With a strongly acidic juice that contains considerable amounts of vitamin C, the fruits make an interesting ingredient for contemporary food and drink recipes - making this Citrina the perfect addition to any modern, organic kitchen...


Minimum temperature 5ºC

Flowering in March

Fruit all year round

Can be used indoors

edible fruits


Edible Fruits - Citrina uses the latest biological and biological pest control products to ensure that all plants have fruits that are completely safe to eat or cook with.

Citrus Eustis Limequat

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