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Fatsia 'Spider's Web'


Fatsia is a beautiful foliage plant, with its large green leaves, which are decorated with fine lines and white spots, it charms even without flowers. It is a very vigorous green indoor plant and can reach a height of approximately 1.5 meters as a potted plant. It is easy to care for a bright spot.


The plant is easy to care for, needs a lot of water during the growth phase without waterlogging and a place with bright light to semi-shade.


This new variety of Fatasia is mainly kept for its beautiful foliage. It is a graceful plant. The appearance of the foliage has given it the nickname "spider's web". The foliage is a beautiful green, adorned with white trim throughout the year.

It creates a truly tropical effect and makes a great background for the round flower heads that emerge above the leaves at the end of the branches in September and October.

Fatsia 'Spider's Web'

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