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  • How can you keep me happy!



    I like light. Then put me in a clear place. Preferably near the window or where sunlight enters. Found a good place? So let me stop here.

  • Water - 140 cm large plants

    In winter, give me half a glass of water a week (150 ml). In the summer, when it's warmer, I evaporate more water. So give me more water in the summer. Please 2 cups of water a week (500 ml). But don't let your feet get wet. A little is better than a lot of water.

  • Water - smaller plants

    Smaller plants need less water than larger plants. In winter, one glass of water per week (75 ml) is sufficient. In summer, a full glass of water per week (250 ml) is sufficient. Avoid wet feet here too. It will always be better  a little water than a lot.

  • Nutrition

    I like plant foods. Preferably once every 30 days.

  • Better not do this to me...

    Don't put me in a dark place and avoid drafts. Then I drop a few leaves and I become less resistant to plant diseases.

  • Pay attention ...

    Do I drop some leaves? Don't give me extra water. This is not the cause. Find me a better place!

Powerful air purifiers

Through my leaves, I convert water, sunlight and gases into sugars and oxygen. This way I purify your air and regulate humidity.

Take good care of me and I'll take good care of you!


Ficus microcarpa 'Moclame'

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