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Scientific name: rubus idaeus
Popular Names: Raspberry,
Category: Fruit Shrubs, Fruits, Medicinal, Horticultural Plants
Climate: seasoned
Origin: Asia, Europe
Height: 0.40 to 2.00 m
Luminosity: full sun
Life cycle: perennial

The raspberry is a deciduous, perennial shrub, very fruitful, originating in Europe and Asia, and which is currently cultivated in several temperate regions of the world. From its perennial root system, biennial stems appear every year, arched and covered with thorns. In the first year of growth, these stems grow erect, tall and without branches, until they reach a height of 1.5 to 2 meters. These stems have large pinnate leaves with 5 to 7 leaflets, but without flowers. In the second year, the stems do not grow in height, but send out many lateral branches, arching and branching. These lateral branches bear smaller leaves, also pinnate, but with 3 to 5 leaflets. From them arise small, short, terminal racemes, with white flowers. The flowers are hermaphrodites and allow self-fertilization. It bears fruit in summer or autumn, depending on the cultivar. Raspberries are an aggregated fruit, with numerous drupes around a central core. It separates from this core when picking the fruit, thus becoming hollow.

The raspberry is a red fruit, edible, sweet and slightly acidic, excellent for sauces that accompany mousses, ice creams, yogurts and puddings. You can also make jams, pies, cakes, liqueurs, vinegars, wines, syrups, teas, ice creams, popsicles, etc. To remove the seeds, just sift them after cooking.

It should be grown in full sun, in fertile, draining, deep, slightly acidic soil, enriched with organic matter and irrigated regularly. Does not tolerate heavy, poor or alkaline soils. Although it thrives best in full sun, it can be grown in half shade, protected by a sparse canopy tree, for example. It needs at least 700 hours of cold below 7°C per year for it to bear fruit. Thus, its cultivation is restricted to the temperate regions of the world. Sensitive to strong winds.

It is recommended to prune branches that have already borne fruit each year. And every four years, remove and divide the clumps, moving them from place to place.

Framboeseira Vermelha

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