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frithia pulchra

Botanical name: frithia pulchra
common names: Window Plant, Elephant's Feet Fairy
Origin: South West Africa

The top of Frithia leaves is made up of transparent cells, through which sunlight can reach the inside of the leaf. Only there is sunlight assimilated. One of nature's most unique processes.

Like its relatives Litopsis, the living stones, frithia originate from the rocky deserts and cliffs of southwest Africa.

Vase: 8.5cm
Total height: 6-8 cm

Location: bright and warm spot near a window
it can be placed outside during the summer, but it needs to slowly get used to the strong sun

Summer: No more than once a week
winter: In its resting phase water considerably less - or, when it comes to a cold room, nothing at all.
In any case: Only water again after the soil has completely dried out.

Fertilization: In summer every 3-4 weeks - in winter do not fertilize at all

Product weight: 0.10 kg

Frithia Pulchra

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