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Up to 20 days without watering.


Gel that guarantees to irrigate the plants during the holidays.

Product with a gel texture, which, together with the substrate in the pots, can go 20 days without watering.

This texture allows the product to release water slowly, as needed by the plants and supply it to their roots.

Thanks to this, it also improves soil characteristics, such as water retention and availability, aeration and decompaction, and even because we often forget to water the plants and with the extreme temperatures that have been felt, the product gains special interest and importance in everyday life


Instructions for use:

  1. Water the plant with water.
  2. Remove the gel from its bag.
  3. Slightly bury the  surface of the substrate.

Gesal Gel Auto-rega 250 ml

SKU: P1928
1 Liter
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