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Globularia salicina is a plant of the Plantaginaceae family, endemic to the island of Madeira.

It presents itself as an evergreen shrub up to 30 cm high, by 60 cm wide, highly branched and endowed with lanceolate, entire, glabrous leaves, 7 cm long.

This plant has flowers with a bluish to whitish corolla, arranged in axillary chapters, with about 1 centimeter in diameter.

This is an endemic species of the island of Madeira and the Canary Islands, very common, and characteristic of the zambujal and the replacement communities of the Laurissilva forest of Barbusano.

This plant also appears on the island of Porto Santo and on the Desertas islands.

Flowering of Globularia salicina occurs from March to November.

Globularia salicina

SKU: P0879
  • Vase 12 cm | Total Height 25 cm

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