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Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii Variegata


- Characteristics

The Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii Variegata is a small Cactaceae native to Paraguay with a globular habit that tends to cluster at the base. short spines. 

The great peculiarity of this plant is the color that its stem can assume, with colors ranging from red, to green, or from brown to dark green. They can also present incredible variations of yellow and pink that will be exclusive to each specimen . 

Flowering occurs in spring, generating delicate-looking yellowish-green flowers.


Plant cultivation and care:

  • Exposure: Sunny and airy. Mild temperature, minimum 4 °C.
  • Soil: drainage with pumice, earth and lapillus. Fertilize in spring.
  • Watering: biweekly in spring and summer.    



This plant prefers bright conditions. Direct sunlight is beneficial for this plant, but be careful not to let it burn in the midday summer sun.



Water the compost well and let it dry before watering again. Water less in winter and let the compost stay drier for longer.



Feed once a month during the spring and summer with a food forcacti and succulents. There is no need to feed this plant in the winter months.



This plant is native to arid climates and therefore does not require additional humidity. Do not spray this plant.

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii 'Variegata'

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