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Common Name - Ilex

Scientific name - Ilex sp

Characterization: Originated from China and Japan, it belongs to the Aquifoliaceae family.

In Bonsai the most used varieties are Ilex Microphyla and Ilex Crenata. It is a tree with evergreen leaves, small and dark green in color.

It is often used to make ornamental hedges, as it sprouts well from heavy pruning.

As Bonsai looks very beautiful in plants of different sizes. It works well on small plants, given the size of the leaf and the ease with which it compacts.

Location: Outdoors, where it can enjoy 2 to 3 hours of direct sunlight a day (ideally in the morning or late afternoon), protected from strong winds and frost.

Watering: Water the soil abundantly until enough water comes out of the drainage holes, in order to uniformly moisten the soil, always from above never by immersion, using a fine-grained watering can (there are specific ones for Bonsai).


Allow the surface layer of soil to dry slightly between each watering (to confirm whether the plant already needs water, touch the earth with your fingers), taking into account that it has a high water consumption in summer.


If you have a dish under the Bonsai, never leave any water in it (to prevent the roots from rotting).


There is no advantage in spraying the leaves, only do it on days when you fertilize and if the fertilizer is for foliar application, but make sure that they arrive dry at night to avoid fungus.


Nutrition: From February to October/November, with "Fertile Bonsai"  and "Bio Bonsai", has high nutritional intakes so it appreciates reinforcements with "Iron Bonsai" e "Micro Bonsai".

Pruning: Normally 6 to 8 leaves are allowed to grow and the first ones are cut, but it responds well to strong formation pruning.


Transplant: With "Hardwood Bonsai Earth" e "Rhiza Bonsai" In February/March, when sprouting starts, carry out a formation pruning together with the transplant to balance the plant's water supply.


Wiring: Can be wired in late winter early spring. Given the difficulty in wiring between the leaves, sometimes it becomes necessary to partially defoliate for the wire to pass through.

Ilex microphyla 9 anos

SKU: P1491
  • Bonsai bowl 19x13x6 cm  |  Total height 35 cm

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