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Microgranulated insecticide for long-lasting control of crawling insects, especially ants, thanks to its formulation based on aceptamipride, which acts by contact and ingestion. The insects transport the micro granules to the nest, contaminating the rest of the colony. •  ANTIFORMIGAS MG (AMP 2MG) is an insecticide belonging to the Neocotinoids group. The active substance acetamiprid acts on organisms upon ingestion, causing a shock and contact effect. It is especially effective in controlling Argentine ants (Linepitherma humile) and black ants (Lasius niger) • Its effectiveness makes the product ideal for use in houses, apartments, indoor or covered environments. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Inseticida Antiformigas Microgranulado 250gr BIOPLAGEN

SKU: P0914

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