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Pond plants can be divided into 4 essential groups, namely: oxygen plants, water lilies, aquatic plants and marsh plants.

By placing the right amount of plants in the pond, it is easy to achieve biological balance and clean pond water.


A plant filter or swamp filter is a filter that uses helophytes to purify wastewater to an environmentally friendly quality. Plant filters are installed to filter lakes or runoff from roads, for example. It should be planted at a maximum depth of -20 cm. The plant grows to a maximum height of 80 cm.

The swamp plants ensure that the water is very well filtered.

Plants absorb waste products, which will reduce nitrate and nitrite concentrations.

Swamp plants are hardy and come 100% guaranteed to grow and flower.


yellow iris

Iris Pseudacorus

The yellow iris is hardy and can reach a height of around 80 cm. Should be planted at a maximum depth of -20 cm in zone 2.

Iris Pseudacorus

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