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Jathropha Podagrica
Jatropha originates from Costa Rica and belongs to the Euphorbiaccae family.
The Jatropha Podagrica variety (also known as the Buddha Belly plant) has a swollen trunk that lives up to the name “Buddha Belly”. The large leaves are dark green on the upper side and grayish on the underside. The plant has coral red flowers.


Likes a lot of sun, but not direct sun. A place on the windowsill is ideal.

Keep moist, potting soil must not dry out:

Water Jatropha regularly. 
It needs a lot of water, especially if the plant receives a lot of sunlight. 
Jatropha is a tropical plant and therefore also likes humidity. It doesn't really tolerate drought, but the plant doesn't like wet feet either. 
Water about 3x a week, the amount of water depends on the size of the pot, but make sure the soil in the pot remains moist. Just watering over the top of the potting soil is fine, but placing the pot in a container of water for a few minutes is also a good way to water.


Remove the yellow sheet:
It is possible for the bottom leaf to turn yellow due to several factors. This does not mean that Jatropha will die. Just remove that yellow leaf and Jatropha looks beautiful again.

Jatropha podagrica

SKU: P2591
  • Jatropha Podagrica is a very special and decorative plant. Thick foliage with a beautiful orange blossom.

    Height (including vase) ± 25 cm

    Vase Ø 13 cm


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