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Ledebouria socialis


Scientific name
Ledebouria socialis

common names
Silver Squill, Wood Hyacinth

Scilla socialis, Ledebouria violacea, Scilla laxa, Scilla paucifolia, Scilla violacea

Scientific Classification
Family: Asparagaceae Subfamily: Scilloideae Tribe: Hyacintheae Genus: Ledebouria


Ledebouria socialis is one of the most widely grown bulbous succulents, favored by succulent growers. It grows up to 25 cm in height. Bulbs are teardrop shaped and usually entirely above ground. The leaves are fleshy, spear-shaped and up to 15 cm long. They are bright greyish-purple with green spots above. The underside of the leaves is all purple. In spring and summer, 20 to 25 small flowers with greenish petals with white spots and purple stamens rise on delicate pink stalks just above the leaves.

resistance zone -1.1 °C to +10 °C.


how to care
Ledebouria socialis is often grown as an indoor plant and grows well with minimal care. However, it requires bright light with 3 to 4 hours a day of direct sunlight.

During the period of active growth, indoor temperatures are good for indoor-grown plants. Outdoor plants can withstand winter temperatures down to -1°C. Try growing them outdoors during spring and summer when the ambient temperature is at least 15°C. In cold regions, move the plant back indoors.


This species is native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

Ledebouria socialis

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