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Molluscicide for non-professional use, intended to combat slugs and snails



Granular bait (GB) with 5% (w/w) of metaldehyde



Provisional sales authorization No. 3940 granted by DGAV

Product authorized for non-professional use.



LIME is a molluscicide for non-professional use, recommended for the control of slugs and snails in gardens and family gardens.

Its active substance, metaldehyde, is a molluscicide that acts by contact and ingestion. Soon after absorbing the product, the slugs or snails begin to produce a significant mucus secretion and die from dehydration.


mode of employment

The bait must be applied in places infested by slugs and snails.

On small surfaces and restricted areas, the spread of LIME It is handmade.

In generalized terrain treatments, the spreading of LIME It can be done manually or mechanically, preferably using a suitable spreader.


application doses

The recommended dose is 80g per 100m2 or 16 baits per 1.5 meters of furrow.


withdrawal period

It does not have.


important notes

For a better effectiveness of the product, it is recommended to apply it on damp ground (after rain or after watering) and, preferably, at night.

The treatment must be repeated if the infestation is very large and, above all, after periods of heavy rain.



250g packs.


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