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Regional Variety


Palmela is known as the home of the Riscadinha apple. This variety of apple tree appeared in the 19th century, in Barris, in the municipality of Palmela. From the 20s of the last century, with the cutting of the bushes, the cultivation of vines and apple trees expanded, which also led to an increase in the production of Maçã Riscadinha de Palmela.

With the reduction in exports of Maçã Espelho to England, Maçã Riscadinha Palmela began to take precedence, due to its taste characteristics, which are more acidic.

It is an apple known for its excellent and characteristic flavor, for its use to perfume homes, due to its intense and unmistakable aroma as well as for its wide inclusion in regional gastronomic recipes.

The pulp of Maçã Riscadinha de Palmela is greenish, sweet and acidic, very juicy and aromatic. Sometimes it has translucent spots (in which case it is called “oiled”), a less frequent characteristic in fruits obtained in other regions.”


Information from. (Harvest Festival - Palmela)

Maça Cunha de Palmela

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