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Irwin Mango tree


Origin: Florida (USA)


Tree: Medium in size, with little vigor, very compact and with a high density of branches; with short internodes and narrow, long, leathery leaves. It is very regular in its production. Due to its size, it allows for narrower planting distances than other varieties.

In the greenhouse, they adapt well to growing in trellises.


Planting Comparison: 2 x 2 m or 2 x 3 m in the greenhouse and 3 x 3 m outdoors.


Flowering: It needs flower pruning, because with mild temperatures it produces a large amount of seedless fruit (“embryonic abortion”). Flower pruning should be done between March 15th and March 30th.


Entry into Production: It can produce from the first year of planting, but it is advisable to eliminate flowering in the first three years and leave production for the fourth year.


Fruit: Reddened skin. Oval in the shoulders, elongated and narrow at the tip.

Its pulp is excellent, very sweet, aromatic, smooth and fiber-free.

It has a very selective market that other varieties do not have.

Average weight: 200 to 400 g.

Fruit ripening: In the greenhouse, it ripens from August 1st to September 10th and outdoors from September 1st to October 1st.

Mangueira Irwin

SKU: P1359

    Vase 6 L  |  Total Height 1.70 m

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