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Osteen mango tree


Osteen mango is a vigorous plant and an excellent producer. The ripening of its fruits generally occurs from mid-September to the end of October.

The flesh of this mango is of good quality and has a mild and sweet taste. The usual fruit weight of the Osteen mango plant is generally between 400 and 700 g. Its commercial life is excellent.


At the right point of ripeness, the Osteen mango has an impressive red-orange color, with light hints of crimson at the top and green at the base. A perfect combination of quality and beauty as a fruit. Its flesh is light, moderately firm, soft, sweet and fiber-free. This Osteen mango, with an excellent and intense aroma, is an ideal fruit to fully satisfy the most sensitive palates.


An exquisite mango to consume fresh or, out of season or for other applications.


The commercial weight of the Osteen Fruit that we normally find on the market, usually varies between 500 and 600 g per piece. However, the plant also produces fruits, larger than a kilo.

Like all varieties, Osteen is an excellent source of vitamin A. It includes several antioxidant and polyphenolic compounds and a high dietary fiber content. At the same time, it stands out for its high concentration of potassium and B6 vitamins, C and E.


Origin of Osteen Mango

The Osteen mango comes from a seed planted in 1935 on the SA Osteen property in Florida, bred from Haden mango seeds.

The Osteen fruit was evaluated for commercial use in 1940. For this, its high production value, ease of handling, attractive color and excellent taste were taken into account. This variety is grown today especially in Spain, and on a small scale on Merritt Island, Florida.


Mango cultivation in Andalusia

The first commercial mango plantations on the coast of Andalusia started around 1985. Currently, the cultivated area is over 4,000 hectares and growing. The Osteen mango variety is the most widespread, close to 80% of the cultivated area .


Mangueira Osten

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