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palmer hose

This fruit does not need to be introduced to anyone. Palmer is arguably the best mango variety. The fragrant sweetness, rich flavor and juicy, fiber-free texture of this magical fruit is highly alluring.

To test a mango's ripeness, press the ends firmly - if they give a little under pressure, they should be ready to eat. Otherwise, if they are not quite ready, the mangoes can be left to ripen in a sunny place.

Coloration tends to be yellow with red flush when ripe. The pulp is orange-yellow and has a mild, aromatic flavor and a minimum of fiber. One of the tastiest fruits in the whole world. It's sweet, juicy and melts in your mouth it's so delicious.



The mango palmer or Mangifera indica  is a Miami native,  Florida, in the United States and was known in 1945. As it is a more resistant fruit than other mangoes, it is mainly used for commercial purposes. It is cultivated in Asia, North, Central and South America as well as in the Caribbean, Australia and Africa.



In principle, the palmer mango is considered semi-dwarf. Its canopy is dense, open and beautiful, however, small in size and  its size is controlled with pruning. The trunk is wide with hard, rough bark and contains resinous latex.

The leaves are lenceolate, leathery  and is between 15 and 35 cm long.Flowering  it is abundant having paniculate as well as terminal inflorescences and the flowers are small and polygamous. 

The pulp is yellow, firm, juicy and with little or no fiber and are mostly very sweet. It has an ovoid or elongated shape. The skin of the fruit can be thin but resistant.

It can be pink, yellow, red, green or orange. It is used for fresh consumption, sweets, juices, jams and other foods. The pit or seed is smaller than that of other mangoes.


mango palm plantation

It does well in tropical and subtropical climates. The ideal temperature is between 20º C to 29º C.

It can be planted on the ground in the backyard, in vases, in the vegetable garden or in the garden. The soil Must be clayey sand, with good drainage, fertile and the pH must be between 5.5 and 7.5.


Mangueira Palmer

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