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Manga  Sensation  is excellent, sweet and fiber-free, with pale yellow pulp and a beautiful red/orange color on the rind. The fruit of this  mango  also exudes a light and interesting aroma. The normal weight of these  sleeves  varies between 250 and 450 grams.

Probably native to northwest India and northern Burma on the slopes of the Himalayas and possibly also Ceylon. Young leaves are reddish-purple or bronze, later turning dark green. Flowers are in panicles, they are yellowish-green, 2 to 4 mm long. The pulp is yellow or orange in color, juicy and very tasty. The seed coat is thick and woody with a fibrous outer layer, which may extend into the Pulp itself. Mango is very sensitive to frost and needs relatively high temperatures for good development. It can grow in any well-drained soil, preferring medium weight sands, silts or clays. Light sandy soils and clays heavy rains should be avoided. It is essential to irrigate if rainfall is poor. The rains that occur during the flowering period seriously reduce pollination and fruiting. It is a light demanding plant, so it does not support shading . 

Harvest Period :  From November 1st to December 10th.

Planting time:  Plant in the field from July and August,

temperatures : In places with a slightly cold winter it is advisable  cover the plants with a thermal blanket  until early spring. A well-developed tree can withstand temperatures of two degrees below zero, as long as they don't last long. A young tree, two to five years old, can perish in negative temperatures.

Plantation:  Make the holes manually, with a suitable tool, as the mechanical drills leave a lateral surface in the hole almost impenetrable for the roots, which would greatly retard its growth. It is not recommended to apply any type of fertilizer on the plantation. , as the plant undergoes great stress at that time and this can harm it. The seedling will be placed in the hole so that the soil level is at the same level as the substrate it brings. The base of the trunk must not be buried to prevent root neck rot. It is very important to protect the bark of young trees. Not many hours should pass from the establishment of the trees until the first watering. This should be abundant. 

First care:  The first months after planting are critical, it is essential to control the water level in the soil. Small trees are very sensitive to lack of moisture, with excess being equally harmful. Small mango trees generally flower in the first few months. years of establishment in the field, to prevent the flowers from competing with the vegetative growth, efforts will be made to eliminate this flowering either by pruning the floral panicles or by chemically inhibiting the emission of flowers by applying gibberellic acid.

Mangueira Sensation

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