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Scientific name: Cydonia oblonga

Variety: quince tree Gamboa.

Adult Dimensions: Height up to 8 meters, width up to 6 meters.
Foliage: Expires.
Soil type:All but soils with too much limestone.
Climate: Hardy down to -25°C. Frosts during or after flowering can compromise the year's production.
Exhibition: Sun, sheltered from spring winds and frosts.

Features and uses:
The quince tree is known for the production of its fruits, the quinces, often used in jellies, jams, or fruit pastes. They are harvested in October-November. They can be eaten raw when very ripe. Its white to pink flowers are self-fertile and appear at the tip of the branches, from April onwards.
This variety comes from Portugal. It produces very large, pear-shaped, very sweet fruits with bright yellow skin and white pulp.


Marmeleiro Gamboa

SKU: P0118
  • VH 35 x180 cm

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