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Magnificent flowers!


Medinilla magnifica 'Flamenco' is one of the loveliest and most popular indoor plants for its fabulous presence! This plant is very well named, as the flowers are really magnificent! This new variety has a great future ahead as an indoor plant! It blooms with its long and beautiful panicles of pink flowers! The flowers of this particular cultivar have darker pink flowers. The flowering of Medinilla magnifica 'Flamenco lasts  for up to 2 months. The green foliage even without flowering is also very decorative and will look really nice in your home. You can put two or more plants together to get better effect.



When planting Medinilla Magnifica, you can choose a normal pot, or choose an ornamental pot. If you have holes, ensure good drainage so that any excess water can flow freely. If there are no holes, a drain should be created at the bottom with a suitable material to retain excess water. Fill the pot with a good potting mixture and introduce the root ball of Medinilla Magnifica to the depth that was already in the pot of origin. fill the pot with more mix and press lightly. Keep the soil just below the rim so there is room for watering. Water generously after planting and place it in a warm environment next to a point of light. Do not place in direct sunlight.



Medinilla Magnifica needs regular watering, keeping the soil moderately moist. Preferably use rainwater. From spring to August regularly add liquid fertilizer when watering. Make sure the pot has adequate drainage, as this plant does not tolerate being in soggy soil. A high ambient humidity is appreciated. They are very suitable plants for a greenhouse or similar environment. Do not place in a position directly over a radiator as the air would be too dry. Water the Medinilla Magnifica less in winter and place it  in a cooler place, around 15°C is ideal. Remove all dried flowers.



Medinilla magnifica is an indoor plant that makes a big impression when in bloom! The 30 cm long inflorescences are composed of hundreds of pink flowers and large pink bracts. The flowers hang elegantly over the branches of the plant. Because the stems hang over the vase, Medinilla needs to be placed in tall pots and is best placed on a small table. To prevent the pot from tipping over with its weight, it's best to choose one that is somewhat heavy. The oval, dark green leaf is also very decorative, with impressive veining. Medinilla originates from the Philippines.

Medinilla magnifica ‘Flamenco’

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  • Vase 2.3 L  |  Total height 0.50 cm


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