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Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' Mosstok, is a fun indoor plant whose scientific name ismonstera adansonii. The brother of the well-known hole plant.

This sibling is different, however, the leaves appear to be perforated in the middle, making the plant a real eye-catcher in any setting.

The biggest difference is their height, as Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' Mosstok climbs through a moss tutor. Taller and therefore different from a low variant, a real addition to your urban jungle.


care and tips

Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' Mosstok requires little care. The plant stays beautiful in green color if it is placed in a point of light. If you want to keep the beautiful green color of the plant, place it in daylight and not in full sun. The plant can survive in full sun, you will have to water it a little more and consider a slightly lighter color. If the plant grows in a disorderly way, you can cut the stems wherever you want, they will come back and continue to grow.


Need for water 

A Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' Mosstok it is not a very thirsty plant, but it remains a tropical variant. She likes slightly moist soil, as long as the soil hasn't dried out, you don't need to water again.


Light requirement 

Shade or sunlight, Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' Mosstok grows everywhere, but be careful of bright sunlight, it doesn't like it.

Want to keep the color beautiful? Place the plant in a bright spot, but not in full sun.


Is Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' Mosstok venomous?

This indoor plant is not poisonous to the touch. However, eating the plant is not recommended, so be careful if you have young children or a hungry cat.


Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' Mosstok

SKU: P1961
  • Vase 17 cm  | Total Height 120 cm

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