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common name: Catch Flies 

Scientific name: nepenthes


Family: Nepenthaceae 

Gender: Nepenthes

Plant Type:  Perennial

Origin: Asia, Indonesia



Plants in this family have pitcher-like structures at the tip of the leaves, which are actually extensions of the modified leaves themselves, with the edges of the blade joined together forming an amphora. 

Over the opening of this amphora there is a structure similar to a "lid", normally colored, serving as static protection so that the trap does not get soaked. 

This causes only a small portion of liquid to be found inside, and it is in this liquid that insects, spiders, and even small birds are trapped as they slip into the tube, attracted by the colors and odors secreted by the glands located at the base. of the lid. 

Once inside, a waxy wall and downward-facing hairs on the inside of the leaf prevent it from being climbed, and there the animals are digested. 

This family has the largest specimens of carnivorous plants, which have the shape of a vine (the structure between the leaf and the trap acts to support the plant, in a similar way to the tendrils of vines).



Suitable for hot and humid indoor use.



Unisexual plants that have spike-shaped flowers with four petals in which nectar glands attract pollinating insects. The flowers, after being fertilized, create a fruit with hundreds of light seeds that are spread by the wind.



Normally warm indoor environment. Temperature between 18-32ºC (Summer) and 10-20ºC (Winter) and high humidity 70-90%. 



These plants do well in Direct light (half light in peak summer).



Water moderately, preferably with lukewarm water, enough to moisten the mixture, but allowing the top layer (2 to 3cm) to dry before watering again. 



During the period of active growth, they should be fertilized fortnightly with a appropriate fertilizer,



Spray the foliage regularly with lukewarm, non-calcareous water to prevent leaf spots. Carefully remove dead leaves.

The sheets must  be cleaned regularly from accumulated dust.



SKU: P0624
  • Vase 14 Suspend | height 45 cm

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