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Olea europaea

common name: Oliveira

Family: Oleaceae

Height: 10m Width: 10m
flower color: White
Foliage color: Gray Green


Exhibition: full sun

Ground: Well drained / Light / Sandy

The olive tree, oil europaea, is an attractive, slow-growing perennial plant of Mediterranean origin. 

It forms a rounded head of small grey-green leaves and is tolerant of hot, dry conditions. Small creamy white flowers appear in summer, followed by small round green olives that ripen to black.


In the Mediterranean, olive trees are widely cultivated for their fruit. In colder locations, they are not fully hardy and need a warm, sheltered location to thrive. 

Alternatively, grow olive trees in large pots and move them to the shelter of a cool greenhouse during the winter months.


Olea has no reported toxic effects.


Oliveira (Olea europaea)

SKU: P0858
  • Vaso Altura Total  PAP
    Ø 40x H 35 cm 2,60 m   30/35 cm 
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