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COMMON NAME - Operculicarya

SCIENTIFIC NAME - Operculicarya Decaryi

DESCRIPTION : Originated from Madagascar, it is part of the Rutaceae family.

Medium-sized tree, with deciduous leaves, composed, bright green, which when pruned emanate a citrus scent. 

It is also called Zantoxilium (or Chinese pepper) flowers, with male plants and female plants. It is rare for Bonsai to bear fruit, but to achieve this we must have a plant of each. 

LOCATION : It can live all year abroad, being expired. If grown indoors, it is likely that in mid-summer it will want to renew the leaf. It should not be very protected in air-conditioned environments and it wants a lot of sun.

WATERING: Allow the surface layer of soil to dry well between waterings, but not letting the plant get thirsty, as it tends to suffer from root rot with excess water/lack of light.

NUTRITION: From February to November with bio bonsai It isfertile bonsai fortnightly both, if located inland make Biobonsai all year round. The "P/KBonsai" is an excellent weapon to help prevent root fungus, which can occur due to watering errors.

PRUNING: It is always done above the axil of a compound leaf. When cultivated indoors, it is usual in summer to carry out a strong formation pruning so that it sprouts with new leaves.

TRANSPLANT: With with substrate for Bonsai in February/March, before the sprouting starts and with heavy pruning.

WIRING: Can be wired all year round. 

Operculicarya 6 anos

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