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Geographic origins: Japan, Korea.
adult dimensions: Height up to 0.35m. 
Foliage : Persistent.
Soil type: Humus, fresh and drained. Fears limestone soils.
Climate: Rough to -15°C.
Exhibition: Shade or sun.

Features and uses: Ofiopogon is ideal for creating contrasts either by planting directly in the ground or in a pot. Its almost black foliage will allow you to effectively separate the masses. It will spread slowly by developing rhizomes. It should be noted that Ofiopogon can be stepped on lightly. The small pinkish-white flowers appear inconspicuously in summer through the foliage. They are small bells that make us think of jonquils. The fruits are ovoid berries that turn bluish-black when ripe and contain a seed that is toxic.

Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'

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