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Scientific name: Pachira aquatica

Common names: Monguba, False-cocoa, Mamorana, or Mungaba

Family: Bombacaceae

Category: Trees, Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees

Climate: Equatorial, Subtropical, Tropical

Origin: Central and Island America, South America

Height: 3.0 to 3.6 meters

Luminosity: Full Sun or Half Shade

Life Cycle: Perennial

Monguba is a beautiful tropical tree, with a leafy stem and rounded crown, capable of reaching 18 meters in height in its natural habitat. In tropical forests we can find it in swampy environments, or on the banks of rivers and lakes, the scientific name “aquatica” comes from this characteristic. It has large, palmate leaves, divided into 6 to 9 bright green leaflets. The flowers are very beautiful and fragrant, with long stamens with a pink end and a yellow base. The large, long fruits, similar to cocoa, contain silky, white pain that surrounds the seeds. Monguba seeds can be consumed roasted, fried or roasted, and even crushed as a substitute for coffee or chocolate, and are said to be very tasty.

Mongubas are trees with excellent decorative effect, widely used in urban and rural afforestation. Young potted plants are excellent for well-lit indoor environments. Asian countries are important producers and exporters of the plant in this form. It is arranged in environments according to feng shui and has a reputation for attracting money and prosperity. It is known as the money tree or money tree.

Plants are generally sold with three or more stems braided or not, so that they only form a trunk with a decorative appearance.

It must be grown in full sun or semi-shade, in fertile, drainable soil enriched with organic matter, with regular irrigation, at least until it reaches adult size. Although it appreciates moist soils, it can be grown in drier soils. It adapts to a wide climate range, from equatorial heat to subtropical cold.

The lack of light causes the leaves to turn yellow.

Pachira aquatica

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