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pelargonium peltatum



Perhaps the most famous garden plant, with its cheerful flowers, grown in 10.5cm pots, also known as geraniums.

This variety is grown in a wide range of colors such as red, pink, lilac, white, bicolor and purple. The plants were grown in greenhouses, then spent some time adapting to the outside where they grew, so that you can enjoy your Geraniums for a long time. They can be beautifully combined with other types of herbal plants.


Sunlight gives the plant energy to continue to bloom and grow almost all year round.


Geranium is the king of balcony and patio plants. It is a true sun worshiper and therefore can easily be placed in full sun, but it also adapts well to a location with partial shade.

Water the Geranium, directly in the vase and not over the plant itself. This will prevent the appearance of fungal diseases.

It doesn't like to have the roots soggy, so you can safely skip a watering if you think the plant is too wet.


Tip: remove dead flowers. This way Geranium will quickly produce new buds.





Sun or partial shade


The soil must remain moist


1 x every 2 weeks with fertilizer for flowering plants


Minimum of 5º


remove dead flowers

Pelargonium peltatum 'Mix'

SKU: P0534
  • Vase 10.5 cm  |  Total Height 20cm

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