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This Peperomia is simply spectacular, having succulent stems and leaves with a lovely bright scarlet color, while the inside of the leaf is light green helping photosynthesis. The stems of this Peperomia are very fragile and transporting to the customer's home is a challenge and some of the leaves can always break despite our best efforts. It is one of the most popular peperomias as it is easy to care for and has a unique appearance. . The Peperomies known  not only for being friendly to Animals, but also for purifying the air saturated with methanols, formaldehydes.


Light: Tolerates from direct light to shady or low light conditions. Direct sun can scar its foliage or fade its color. It tolerates growing conditions well with artificial fluorescent light.

Temperature: Likes mild to hot temperatures, between 18-26ºC, but tolerates temperatures as low as 10ºC and as high as 30ºC. It doesn't like a lot of air around it. Likes high humidity but does well in medium humidity.

Watering: Water only when the substrate is almost dry, not supporting either excess water or extreme drought. Preferably water with water low in minerals and provide watering from below to prevent the plant from rotting close to the stem.

Fertilization: Assiduous fertilization is not necessary, but we recommend applying nutrients 1 to 2 times during the spring.

Origin: Ecuador.

Peperomia graveolens

SKU: P2012
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