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Pereira 'William's' Rouge

Geographic Origins: Asia Minor.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 15 meters, width up to 10 meters.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: Rich, fresh and light, not too calcareous or clayey.
Climate: Rustic down to -20°C.
Exposure: Sun.
Pollinators: Self-fertile. To improve pollination it should be planted with: Beurré Hardy, Conférence, Doyenné du Comice., Dr Jules Guyot, William’s.
Features and uses:
The pear tree will make a beautiful addition to both medium and large gardens. In a small garden, it is preferable to choose the back-mounted form that takes up less space. In spring you will appreciate the fantastic pinkish-white flowering, but it will be with impatience that we will wait for autumn to be able to pick the fruits that have been ripening in the sun.

Attention: to know if the pear is ready to be picked up, just hold it, turn it slightly and the pear should separate effortlessly with your foot.

Keep it inside for a few days before eating it. It will be absolutely ripe!
The pear tree will be maintained throughout the year, adding good fertilization in spring, pruning once a year and careful surveillance for diseases.

The ‘William’s red’ pear is a variety as productive as the classic William’s, but the skin of the fruits is more original as it is red. It has good conservation and the pears are sweet and the pulp is fine, juicy and fragrant. The fruits ripen in late August and early September.

Pereira 'William's' Rouge

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