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Expanded Perlite is a natural product, derived from silicates of volcanic origin, subjected to high temperatures.



Provides aeration| Retains water | Decreases substrate density | neutral pH | Sterile


Total pore volume: 95% volume

Aeration capacity: 65% volume

Granolometry: 3-6 mm 

Electrical conductivity: 3-5 𝜇S/cm

pH: 6-7


Because it retains water and nutrients, while providing aeration to the plant, expanded perlite is a product with special characteristics to be incorporated into the substrate. Improves drainage.



Substrate component - Mix the perlite (5-10%) with the other substrate raw materials (peat, humus, peat coconut, etc.).



Do not ingest. Keep away from food, drink and feed.

No special requirements are needed for its use.

Perlite Expandida 3-6mm

SKU: P1727
1 Liter
  • 6L bag

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