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Philondendron Atom


My name is Philodendron Atom


I am a descendant of the Arum family lineage. Typically, they often come from the rainforests of Brazil and Paraguay. Most of us are climbers growing on other trees. The name Philodendron, I owe to the Greek words of phileo "love" and dendron meaning "tree". I myself am a relatively new species in the family and we are perfectly suited to be used as houseplants.




Avoid strong temperature fluctuations, the ideal is 21°C.

Don't put me in the air currents.

Give me enough light, but don't put me in direct sunlight.

It keeps my substrate moist, but not too wet and not too dry.

Give me a little fertilizer once a month, along with the irrigation water.


⚠️ NOTE All parts of my plants are known to be toxic. Preferably I should stay out of reach of children and pets.


Philodendron Atom Hydro

SKU: P1256
  • Glass Vase  |  Hydroculture

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