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Botanical name: Philodendron Minima 

The Philodendron Minima prefers a warm and humid environment, as it is a tropical plant. Ideally with temperatures between 18-29 degrees.

Prefers moderate to bright indirect light. Find a location where sunlight never touches the plant's leaves to avoid burning the delicate foliage.

Likes moist soil. Water regularly, but allow the top 3 cm of soil to dry out before watering again. Roots don't like to be wet, so make sure the pot has good drainage. Reduce watering during the winter months.

In addition to providing the plant with a structure to climb, you may want to tie a plant part to the structure to guide it.

During spring and summer, use a universal liquid plant food to promote new growth.

Philodendron Minima is toxic and should not be consumed by pets and children.

This plant prefers loose, well-draining soil. Capable of retaining moisture, but not  so dense as to cause root rot.

Annually, to ensure the soil contains enough nutrients, or when the roots appear to have filled the bottom of the pot to give the plant extra room to grow.

Philodendron minima

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