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This striped pattern is one of the most decorative in the Philodendron family. Bands of bright white color adorn each of the small, heart-shaped leaves. As a point of difference from other standard plants, the variety is whiter and brighter on new growth, gradually working its way down the plant's leaves to reveal darker, richer jungle greens. A luxury with superior lighting that will light up smaller spaces.


Care Advice

Hit the light! Has your plant lost its stripes? Moving it to a brighter position will encourage new white streaks.


withering! This sensitive plant will not appreciate direct sunlight, the leaves will wither and eventually fall off. Solve with more shade.


Very dry and hanging! Your plant is saying that it is too dry if the tips of the leaves appear brownish and begin to climb up the leaf. Regular misting or moving to a humid room will do the trick.


light requirements

Philodendron Zebra Feel Green is happy in a shaded area, but best in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight as this will burn the leaves, taking a long time to recover.



Water little and often, keeping the soil always moist. Let the top of the soil dry slightly between waterings. Water less during the winter. It will tolerate some degree of drought better than being too wet.



Indoor temperatures average to warm 18-28°C and up to 13°C for short periods. Avoid cold drafts.



Philodendrons are versatile when it comes to humidity levels, however, a good misting on those dry days will help keep the foliage cool.



Apply a weak solution of liquid fertilizer once a month during the growing season. Do not feed during the winter.


Height and Growth Rate

A product smaller and slower than other Philodendron. Adult plants can reach a height indoor of up to 1m.



These plants are poisonous to pets and people. Keep the plants away from children and pets, and be careful when handling them.


air purifier

Philodendron filters air toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene from the atmosphere and are part of a collection of clean air plants.



Philodendron Rojo cultivar originating in Congo.


Philodendron Zebra Feel Green

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