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Phoenix Roebelenii 


common name: Phoenix, phoenix palm, garden date palm, dwarf date palm, dwarf date palm

Scientific name: phoenix roebelenii

Synonym: phoenix humilis

Family: Arecaceae

Gender: Phoenix

Plant Type:  Perennial

Origin: Laos Vietnam and Thailand

Etymology: Phoenix = the Greek name for the dactyl palm. Roebelenii, in honor of Carl Roebelen, who discovered this palm in Laos.


Description: Small palm dioecious, normally with a single trunk up to 2 m high, covered with a  base of dead leaves that often narrows at the base. Pinnate leaves, 1.5m long, the lower ones somewhat pendulous. Leaflets 12-20 cm long, narrow and numerous, the ones closer to the base being transformed into thorns., branched, short, with cream colored flowers. Ellipsoidal, small, black fruits. 


Environment: It adapts to the most varied types of soil, but prefers those with good drainage, moist and rich in organic matter. 


Flowering: creamy flowers in Inflorescences growing from between the leaves.


Temperature: Typically tropical plant, although resistant to cold.


Light: It prefers full sun, but it can be grown in semi-shade and even in well-lit interiors, including in vases.


Watering: Moderate, without letting it dry out, although it supports dryness.


Fertilizing: During the period of active growth, they should be fertilized fortnightly with a appropriate fertilizer,



Advices: It needs cleaning on the trunk to remove the dry leaves, as well as the lower ones that naturally turn yellow. 



It has thorns at the base of the leaves, which is why you need to be very careful when cleaning.


Phoenix roebelenii

SKU: P0841
PriceFrom €38.90
  • Vase 22  | Plant Height  40 cm


    Vase 45 L  |  Trunk height 110 cm


    Trio V50 L |  3 Plants Height 120 cm

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