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Picea pungens Super Blue


Blue spruce 


Plant height: 100cm


One of the most beautiful conifers with blue foliage. It has a very regular conical crown, with elongated horizontal branches, slightly upturned at the ends. The needles are long, hard, pointed, very cohesive, of a brilliant steel-blue color. In spring, under the sun's rays, they give silver-blue reflections.

Cones are elongated, cylindrical, 6-10 cm long, hanging down, light brown; are formed mainly in the upper part of the plant.

It grows in any soil, but not too calcareous and not too acidic.

Better than other firs, it tolerates drought and environmental pollution.


Use: very effective alone on lawns, in front of houses, in groups of three in parks.



Maximum height: up to 10m

Ice resistance: down to -28°C

Growth rate - slow

Location - Direct sun or partial shade


- A plant suitable for small gardens

- A plant suitable for parks or large gardens

- The plant is spectacular, even when planted alone

- A plant suitable for forming groups and groves (of different varieties)

- Resistant to environmental pollution

Picea pungens Super Blue

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