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Plumeria is a traditional tropical plant with strongly scented flowers. 

Plumeria is also called Francipani, in reference to the 16th-century Marquis Francipani, the Italian inventor of perfume based on the aroma of this plant. Since its invention, the aroma of this plant is still used in the perfume industry. A original plumeria is found all over the world in tropical areas and has different meanings in different countries. 

In Hawaii, for example, women wear this flower behind their ear, on the right when they are looking for a husband and behind their left ear when they are married.



Bright location, preferably direct sunlight preferably in the morning.
little water
Let the soil in the pot dry superficially before watering again.
Apply fertilizer with a lot of nitrogen in the spring, but then a fertilizer with a higher phosphorus content.
For decoration and not for consumption.

Flowering period: All year round, except for a short period of dormancy during which it loses all its foliage. After the cool, dry winter, it rewards with beautiful flowers from May onwards, which last a long time. Until at the end of September.

Hibernation: Keep the temperature above 12° and do not water while there are no leaves, otherwise the stems will rot down to the ground.

Plumeria is sensitive to mites.

Plumeria rubra MIX HAVAIANA

SKU: P1483
  • Height (including vase)   ± 45cm

    Pot size Ø 17cm

    Plants are sold without flowers in a mix (colors are not known) - images with flowers are for presentation.
    During the cold period, the plumeria goes into a dormant phase and loses its leaves.

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