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Primula Acaulis


common name: Primula, Primroses, Springs, Garden Springs.

Scientific name: Primula acaulis 


Family: Primulaceae

Gender: Primula

Plant Type:  Perennial

Origin: Europe


Description: Primroses are herbaceous, perennial plants, sometimes grown as annuals. They have toothed, wrinkled leaves, with a slightly rough texture, medium to dark green in color and lighter in color on the underside. Its flowers are composed of five petals and can be of various colors, such as yellow, white, pink, violet, blue and red. Popularly they are also called Garden springs.


Environment: Primulas like shady zones, next to streams and woods; are fast growing, with solos fcool, moist, well-drained and aerated.


Flowering: October to April.


Temperature: Resistant to the cold but not to severe frost. Temperatures above 16º reduce the lifespan of its flowers. Protect against late spring frosts.


Light: Good luminosity. Shade or partial shade.


Watering: Regularly to keep the soil moist.


Fertilizing: During the flowering period, they should be fertilized fortnightly with a appropriate fertilizer,



Advice: Pay special attention to the following Pests and DiseasesSlugs and snails, aphids, leaf miner, whitefly, collar rot, gray rot.


Primula Acaulis Mix

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