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Prunus cerasifera Pissardi 'Nigra'


common name: Mirobolan Blackthorn or Blackthorn 

Scientific name: Prunus cerasifera pissardi 


Family: Bignoniaceae

Gender: Prunus

Plant Type:  Perennial

Origin: Native to the Balkan Peninsula and Crimea 


Description: Tree of up to 8 meters, with deciduous foliage and round crown with dark reddish leaves. Pink or pale pink flowers blooming simultaneously with the leaves or a little earlier. Globose and red fruits of 2 to 3.5 cm. 

Environment:   Planted in gardens as an ornamental plant, in rows, alone or in groups with other green plants to increase the contrast of the landscape given the color of its foliage.

Flowering: Pink or pale pink flowers in February/March.

Fruiting: Globose and red fruits measuring 2 to 3.5 cm, edible in June/July.

Temperature: It is a deciduous plant, therefore resistant to cold.

Light: Sunny locations are preferred, although it tolerates some shade, but will have less exuberant blooms as well as leaf coloration.

Watering: It likes humidity, but tolerates some drought. Dislikes soggy or poorly draining situations.

Fertilizing: They should be fertilized at least once a year. 


Advice: Prune Annually to balance the canopy and encourage flowering.


Prunus cerasifera Pissardi 'Nigra'

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