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Hicaz Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

Origin: Türkiye
Availability: 2 year old plant
plant height:55/60 cm
vase size: 17 cm

A very widespread commercial variety originating in Türkiye. In recent years, most pomegranates imported from Turkey are Hicaz.
The compact bush of this variety is also suitable for growing in large pots. Pomegranates are ideal for a warm, sunny spot on the terrace, where they can be placed alongside other Mediterranean plants.

Force: compact, it forms a deciduous bush, naturally branched, which can live to an advanced age, even several centuries. It can be grown in a large pot as a container plant throughout its life.

Flower: self-fertile, the pollinator is not needed to produce a crop. However, it will produce a heavy crop if planted in close proximity to a pollination partner which could be another pomegranate variety.
Small, single, bright orange flowers in June, July, and more randomly in August and early September.

Fruit: large, 300 - 450 g, deep pink skin
Harvest time: fruits ripen gradually from late September to October

Frost resistance: down to -14°C, as the plant ages it becomes more frost tolerant
Disease resistance: pomegranate bushes are one of the easiest fruits to work with, as they are generally not affected by pests or diseases. Suitable for organic cultivation or without chemical spraying.
Pomegranates are not grafted onto any rootstock, so in areas where it gets cold enough to freeze, the tops of the plants may die, but they will still sprout again and produce the same fruit the next season.

Romãzeira Hicaz (Turquia)

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