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Scientific name: Scaevola aemula

Popular Names: Left-handed flower, 

Family: Goodeniaceae

Climate: Mediterranean, Oceanic, Subtropical, Tropical

Origin: Australia, Oceania

Height: 10 to 30 cm x 30 to 40 cm

Luminosity: Part Shade, Full Sun

Life cycle: Perennial


Scaevola  is a herbaceous flowering plant originating in Australia. 0 your scientific name Scaevola means “left-handed” in Latin and alludes to the hand-shaped flowers of this species. It presents branched, erect or pendulous stems, with leathery, pubescent, lanceolate to obovate, succulent leaves with toothed margins.


The flowers are hand-shaped, with five petals, all arranged on the same side. According to the variety, the flowers can be blue, lilac or white.


The left-handed flower, when erect, forms rounded and compact bushes, about 25 to 40 cm high, which can be widely used in landscaping, in massifs and borders. The decumbent varieties, which are more common, are smaller in size and can be used as a hedge, but look good in hanging baskets and flower boxes, where you can better admire their flowering branches.

The flowering of this species occurs in summer.


It should be grown in semi-shade or full sun, in light, well-draining soil, enriched with organic matter and irrigated regularly. It appreciates the climate subtropical and high altitude tropical. It can be grown in colder climates, provided it is protected in winter. They tolerate sandy soils and salinity, adapting well to the coast. Withstands short periods of drying.

Scaevola aemola

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